The eco-friendly, natural odor neutralizer that works everywhere.

Alio is a modern home air care solution dedicated to eliminating odor and freshening the air around you – Whether it’s the smelliest space in your home or office, your kid’s less than fresh sports bag, gym/travel bag or even musty pet spaces Alio is the solution!  
Alio’s Oil-Free Reed Diffusers work without messy or dangerous oils, burning waxes or electricity. Reeds made from all-natural wood resin are infused with a powerful odor neutralizing technology & custom blended fragrance that are steadily released into the air. The Alio diffuser is an eco-friendly, made in the USA, solution to neutralizing odors in the air as well as a worry-free, non-toxic solution for pets and kids!
Alio is perfect for personal workspaces, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms or nightstands. Alio offers 6 light and subtle fragrances that are not meant to overpower or cover up odor. Simply open the box, place the oil-free reeds in the vase and use the Alio diffuser where ever you need a refresh.

For smaller spaces, simply pop one of Alio’s Scented Freshener Pouches in a drawer, travel bag, gym bag, running shoes or any stinky space that would benefit from odor neutralization and a hint of fragrance. Perfect for at home and on the go!

Alio makes a great gift too! I’d love to send over samples if you’re working on a story that fits! See below for more details.

Alio Oil-Free Reed Diffusers:
  • Alio is oil-free and non-toxic which means, mess-free and kid or pet safe
  • Eco-friendly, natural odor neutralizing reeds made from sustainable wood resin
  • Can be used to eliminate odors in any room of the house
  • Reeds can be used individually - simply tuck into stinky shoes, locker, cabinet, etc.
  • Available in 6 light scents - Soft Blanket, Jasmine Rain, Warm Vanilla, Fresh Cucumber, Cedar & Teak, and Lavender Beeswax
  • Set includes a signature vase and 15 reeds for $18
  • Made in the USA

Alio Scented Freshener Pouches:
  • Alio Scented Freshener Pouches are made from all-natural cotton and filled with natural wood resin beads that neutralize odor
  • Compact design can be slipped into backpacks, travel/gym bags, drawers, closets, and more
  • Softly scents the air without overwhelming the senses
  • Available in 6 light scents: Soft Blanket, Garden Mint, Cedar & Teak, Clean Shave, Vanilla Cream, and Fresh Citrus
  • Set includes 2 scented freshener pouches for $15
  • Made in the USA

To learn more about Alio’s natural products or to purchase one today, visit

About Alio
Alio has been family owned and operated for over three generations with a simple goal of creating safe and environmentally-friendly odor neutralizing products families can feel good about. Their entire process takes place in the USA and uses trees from sustainably managed forests. Alio wants you to be happy, safe and odor free!

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